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Contest for the new fanclub members Date: Apr 27th @ 8:53pm EDT
You want exclusive photos and videos of me ? Do you have a increasing desire to see me naked and pleasing myself for you? I`ve got a solution for you! Join my fanclub and there you will see exclusive photos and videos of me!! Hurry up !! The first 10 members that will signup in my fanclub will win 15 days free.
Contest for the new premium members signed up from my room Date: Apr 27th @ 8:45pm EDT
My dear friends since you all have been visiting so often my room I decided to create a contest for the new members that will signup from my room for the next 2 weeks.
The contest starts from April 28th and ends on May 13th.
What you have to do to join this contest and win a huge prize ?
You need just to send a message to greet me .
What will you win ? 10 minutes of free private.
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What a woman needs Date: May 29th @ 2:23am EDT
The most amazing moment with you and yolur loving one is when u just look into his/her eyes and see all the world there,when u look those eyes and you don t need words to know what he/she wants or wanna make.Love have to be pure and romantic,But the most important thing is when u get in bed and there just exist chemestry.A fire of love and wild moments start to make themself.When u discover with ur tongue every cm of that person and u enjoy that and after that you change the position and al over again and everything is so perfect THAT` S WHAT A woman needs beside her...a man who knows to appreciated and make her tremble only with a look .
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